Activities 2015

The farm is open by appointment 508-645-3304 admission is $5/person or $10/family. Veterans free. On a budget? We barter! Reserve your time for a completely personalized farm experience.

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plant some local traditions in your garden!

Abenaki Calais Flint corn

The work of generations went into the agricultural system called the 3 Sisters garden. Synergy between the staple crops, corn for structure, beans for connection, and squash for cover, allows each to be more productive in the presence of the other two.

True Cranberry bean

It is beautiful and instructive to watch the 3 Sisters growing together, and we invite you to try a hill of tasty tradition this season!

Howden field pumpkin

Our ability to save and trade seeds is threatened and needs protection.


I’ve been checking for two weeks, because I knew it was about time. On the first new moon of the new year, there they were, 6 eggs from the young ducks we raised last year. 1 Muscovy, 2 Khaki Campbells, and 3 Cayuga eggs! Rare breeds, renewed.

first of 2015


hand spindle

Learn to spin using the simple and portable hand spindle – sometimes called a drop spindle. Some variation of this method has been used from prehistoric times on every continent exept Antartica. Once you have learned on the hand spindle, it is much easier to spin on the wheel.

Rebecca will teach you either method. $25/person, $30/pair, spindle kit $15, wool included.