call for your appointment 508-645-3304 $5/person, $10/family, veterans free… guided tour, animal visits, consults and demos, fun for all ages. one person or a crowd, any time, any day, just [...]

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Get the box! $100 prepaid, contains more than $150 retail value, shipped in Dec. or Feb. a delightful surprise for any knitter. Yarn, patterns, and other goodies – spinner’s version contains mostly fiber from Island flocks. Call for more info: 508-645-3304 or stop by the farm to see a sample.

sample box


saffron crocusDid you know that saffron can be grown on Martha’s Vineyard? this crocus provides the world’s most expensive spice. Grow your own. Includes cultural info, recipes, lore, and 5 bulbs suitable for potting or planting out. You can get flowers this October or November if you plant now, and they will come back next fall. Cost is $10, barter is available. 508-645-3304.


knitting home spun yarn

Rebecca was taught to knit by her ‘knitting grandmother.’ If you don’t have a ‘knitting grandmother’ come and let Rebecca show you how. Mothers and Daughters or any other mutually supportive pair of beginners encouraged. $25/person, $30/pair, free refresher sessions during open hours. Materials available for $10, or bring your own.  As always, barter is available.

hand spun mittens