Activities 2016

  YEAR ROUND: open by appointment 508-645-3304… June 22-Sept.11:  Wednesday, Saturday, and Sunday, 10-6… $5/person, $10/family, veterans free… self guided tour, animal visits, consults and demos, fun for all ages. [...]

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Wednesdays we will be skirting, picking, and washing this year’s lovely fleeces. If you want to learn how to prepare wool ‘right from the sheep,’ and take home some of what you have washed, this is your chance. Stop by and slosh around a little.

white fleece


Watch dusk fall over the farm, close the birds, and then light the fire. We may do some stargazing and tell stories. popcorn provided.

what we watched before TV

First Friday of the month, 6:30-9, $5/person, $10/family, veterans free.

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Muscovy ducks have been nesting here and there, and now the ducklings are hatching. I saw one come out of the egg today – such a great effort for such a small bundle of life!Muscovy duckling, day oneDucklings often have two mothers because two ducks will share a nest. Both will care for and protect their brood. Notice the hovering posture of the mother duck: this is one way to tell that babies have hatched. She will only stand this way to ‘cover’ the ducklings.ducklungs hatching