Activities 2014

The farm is open WEDS, SAT, SUN. 10-6, Come between 10-10:30 to help feed and collect eggs, after that for animal visits, spinning demonstrations, and consults. 508-645-3304 rain or shine! This year [...]

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We are excited to be hosting Island shepherdess Lila Fischer, Aug. 30-31st!

Spirit suits are designed with carefully chosen emblems that summon meaning, strength and protection to their wearer. Each one is hand crafted from pure sheep’s wool in the ancient method of wet felting. Spirit suits can be worn in day-to-day life or used for ceremonial purposes.

The color, shape and symbology of each suit is unique. Working with the designer you create a suit that expresses your own inner spiritual nature.

“I created a tunic with a mountain emblem, a symbol I had never before felt drawn to. I took to wearing it like a shield for my heart on spiritually challenging days; anything from a trip to the DMV, to visiting a difficult person, to attending my friend’s funeral. Through the years it emboldened my best self as I moved through a challenging time in my life. Looking back over the last decade I see the ‘Mountain’ as an old cocoon that protected me through a period of my own spiritual growth.”


goats across the water

For the second year our clearing team has been ferried over to Cedar Tree Neck to clear invasive plants and participate in research and education with Sheriff’s Meadow Foundation. Herbivores not Herbicides!


free range eggs

“Even though free range eggs tend to be healthier, most people find that they taste ‘richer’ …  Usually a rich taste is associated with fat, but in the case of eggs, the robust, flavourful taste results from the way the hens are treated.” Chris Bodnar, Canadian farmer