Activities 2014

The farm is open by appointment Come between 10-10:30 to help feed and collect eggs, after that for animal visits, spinning demonstrations and lessons, classes, and consults. 508-645-3304 admission is $5/person [...]

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suit backs

Thanks to Lila Fischer and everyone who made the Spirit Suit workshop so fun! If you are sorry you missed it, get on our mailing list to hear about the next one!

flowering tree

starry night


knitting home spun yarn

Rebecca was taught to knit by her ‘knitting grandmother.’ If you don’t have a ‘knitting grandmother’ come and let Rebecca show you how. Mothers and Daughters or any other mutually supportive pair of beginners encouraged. $25/person, $30/pair, free refresher sessions during open hours. As always, barter is available.

hand spun mittens


Duck Cookbook

Here are Rebecca’s thoughts on duck cookery from philosophy and politics to the meat of the matter – a simple method of cooking a duck so that everything is used and nothing is wasted. Recipes from around the world and from Chilmark neighbors will inspire and intrigue you. If you like duck, and/or unique cookbooks, you will enjoy this one! Available only at the farm, $20 plus shipping. Or come pick one up during the farm’s open hours and ask Rebecca to sign it for you. (read this review)