This workshop is being held at Pathways Art Space in Chilmark in the quieter time of the year, at half price, as an Islander’s special. Space is limited, call to reserve. $75 includes materials. 

INDIGO BLUES: 12-4 on Sat. April 8

Indigo and woad require a complex technique unlike any other dye process. In spite of it’s demands, methods for achieving beautiful blue dyes are found around the world from very ancient times. In order to see immediate results, we will use commercially pre-reduced indigo. However, we will discuss growing and processing fresh indigo, and you will take home a packet of seeds along with a silk handkerchief which you have dyed. You may also bring a small article to dip in the vat, and if you have dyed something yellow in the previous workshop, you can over-dye it to get green.




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