Farmers at Native Earth

Randy and Rebecca met over pigs, and they have been farming together ever since. From different backgrounds, they don’t always agree, but their varied experiences add richness to the farm’s offerings.

Randy is a fourth generation islander who grew up in Oak Bluffs, raising all types of animals and poultry, and fixing all kinds of machinery. He likes to carry on the old community traditions of fishing, hunting and agricultural innovation.

Rebecca’s grandparents bought the farm in the ’20s because her artist grandfather loved the island light. She was a ‘summer kid’ who always knew the farm would be her home someday, although at first she envisioned it as a wildlife refuge.

Happily, since small farms preserve open space and promote healthy ecosystems, there are now MORE species of birds and wildlife living on the land than before it became a farm.

When Randy and Rebecca and their families became concerned about how disconnected many people are from food and land, they decided to open their farm to the public, and that is how the teaching farm was born.

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Susan H. Anderson June 20, 2010 at 11:21 am

Becca — I stopped by the other day inquiring about chickens.  Do you have any and, if so, may I buy one or two?  Thanks, Susan (your North Rd. neighbour opposite North Tabor Farm)

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