Permaculture Projects

Permaculture is a system of sustainable design. It can be applied to architecture, agriculture, and other forms of culture too. Our educational programs will have an emphasis on permaculture for the next decade or so.

Here is one project now getting underway:

Edible Forest Garden: We are establishing an Edible Forest garden at Native Earth Teaching Farm. Edible Forest gardens mimic the structure and function of natural ecosystems while producing perennial food crops and many other products. The community is invited to participate.

It is a long wait for the harvest with this type of garden – but once established, it continues to produce with little maintenance for many years to come.

We will be exploring some delicious possibilities for the future of Island agriculture over the next few years. Vote for the future. Plant a valuable tree, bush, herb or beneficial fungus in your yard this year. We will show you how!

forest gardening

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